terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2015

MH370: meeting of experts and French officials ends in silence

The French justice is leading the process, which, for the time being and until proven otherwise, is not related to the MH370. The piece discovered last week and already identified as part of the wing of a Boeing 777, the same model of flight of Malaysia Airlines, will start to be tested on Wednesday in a special laboratory in Toulouse, by team of experts of the General Directorate for Armaments (DGA).

Beyond the wing piece, other objects have been collected on the coast of the island of Réunion. One of them, a hooker with the inclusion of some Chinese characters is also to strengthen the suspicion of being faced with wreckage of the MH370.

The mystery of MH370 began to March 8, 2014. The Boeing 777, the Malaysia Airlines, disappeared from radar when he was doing the connection between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Beijing, China. Now, on the island of reunion, East of Madagascar, more than 4000 meters where judges have fallen off the plane and direction established for flight, came the chance of being discovered wreckage of the appliance.

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