quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2015

USA: new incident between police and the black community

The FBI was called in to investigate the fatal shooting of a white police about a black teenager unarmed allegedly trying to steal a car in Arlington, Texas.

Will Johnson, Texas Police Chief justifies the decision: "I have serious doubts as to the rationale presented for the use of deadly force in this incident. These concerns, however, are best dealt with through the process of criminal investigation. The grand jury will decide on the use of force in this incident to the criminal process ".

This case occurred two days before the first anniversary of the death of another unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which triggered protests and riots in many cities of the United States.

Another incident in St Louis County was resgistado, Sunday, during the demonstration on the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. A young man was shot by police who claims to have responded to gunfire coming from an unidentified car.

This protester says: "He was running and it was after the shooting that he pulled his gun. It can be said that he pulled a gun but, on the other hand, also pulled the gun to protect himself from gunfire.

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