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Turkish President promises to keep war on terrorism after bloody Monday

The 24 July, Turkey started the military operation with two well-defined targets: grupo Estado Islâmicoc (ISIL, on), in Syria, and the militants of the Kurdistan Workers ' Party (PKK) in northern Iraq.

Kurdish rebels counterattacked and, since then, with the sum of Turkish raids against PKK positions, there has also been an escalation of attacks on Turkish security forces, especially in the southeast of the country, in the provinces of Sirnak and Hakkari, near the border with Iraq.

For Erdogan, negotiate peace, as vineyard going on since 2012, it's not enough. "Stop the armed combat is not enough. We must put our guns down and bury them. I insist on this. Our struggle will continue until no terrorist left inside our borders and that their weapons are buried by concrete, "said the Turkish President, in a speech broadcast on television and which ensured that the attacks targeting the PKK were" effective "and inflicted" serious losses "in this group considered terrorist by the United States and the European Union.

Terrorist organizations, the threat to our country, offloaded, within our borders we will continue our struggle until there is a single terrorist.

One of Monday's attacks, however, unlike the others which have been taking place in Turkey. Had targeted the United States Consulate in Istanbul. Was conducted by two people and one of them, a woman, just wounded and detained by the Turkish security forces.

Moment US consulate Istanbul shooter, Hatice Asik is shot and captured by police â€" video goes viral â€" http://t.co/i0yrl7GxFV

The attack on the Consulate was not claimed, but a Marxist Group of extreme left and known to be against the presence of the United States in Turkey, placed beside the woman captured by Turkish police. The Armed Revolutionary Front for the liberation of People identified the woman as Hatice Asık, and promised to stay true to the alleged fight it for the expulsion of the Americans from Turkey.

Six US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons deploy to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, to support the fight against ISIL pic.twitter.com/luym4jtffM

The attack happened a day after the arrival of military aircraft of the Turkish air force base United States of Incirlik, in the South of the country, next to the Mediterranean, to reinforce the Allied counteroffensive to the Group Islamic State, in northern Syria.

The u.s. military announced, however, the achievement of 30 air raid by international alliance against ISIL: 20 with the positions of the "jihadis" in Iraq and 10 in Syria.

Coalition lobs 30 more air strikes against ISIL in Syria, Iraq http://t.co/iN3VV0axen pic.twitter.com/rHPHXh5ltA

. PressSec â€" One year after U.S. first launched airstrikes, the U.S.-led coalition has now hit ISIL with more than 6,000 airstrikes<p>â€" WH National Security (NSCPress) 7 agosto 2015

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