quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

Aegean Sea: the first step of a long journey through Europe

"A new group begins its long journey through Europe. They depart by sea to its difficult journey. "

On the beach leave their belongings, the difficult days that await them. The State of the beach pisses residents, like Yuksel Isik, because there are no tourists as there was in the old days:

"It started three months ago. Ten to fifteen boats per day. Think stop when the weather gets worse, "vents Yüksel.

Is the Greek island of Lesbos, the inflatable boats try to reach but the Turkish coast guard doesn't give truce.

Every day Uğur Özdogan and his crew go out to the Sea 7 or 8 times. As in the situation in which a new group of refugees navigates to the Greece trying not to wreck.

"After intercetar this group of 45 people and get him in the boat, the coast guard" runs "in the wake of another boat. They don't want to stop. But in the end will be taken on this boat. "

Until 7 September last Coast Guard tuca had 1,297 intercetado small boats and refugees who tried to cross 49,283, putting your life at risk, as explains Uğur Coast Guard Turkish Özdoğan:

"Most" irregular "activities of immigrants goes through a series of ships at sea whose engines do not work and are adrift. We also see that too many people are forced to get on these boats, people who know nothing about navigation and, when there's trouble, they panic. "

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