segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

Austria and Germany continue to receive thousands of migrants

Continue to reach the thousands of migrants Austria. The reception is done in Nickelsdorf, on the border with Hungary, a part, albeit small follows to a reception centre, installed on site, people who may remain in the country, most to the train station to go to Vienna to Austria and then to Germany.

help needed in #nickelsdorf, everybody who is available please come and assist.

#Nickelsdorf 1989, 2015 • photos: roteskreuzat, <a href="">martinkaul</a>

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, quoting the Austrian APA this Saturday left Austria 11 thousand refugees to Munich and this Sunday more than 2,000 already followed the same path.

THIS is how you raise a happy,open-minded child who cares about others; how you raise an upstanding citizen #Munchen

For the German authorities already are receiving migrants but expect the European Union to find solutions quickly.

German police and Syrian children in the train station of #Múnich

In Hungary the situation is calmer. This Saturday there have been people who set out on foot to Austria:

"We want a train or a bus, there's nothing. We're very tired but it's better to walk than sitting ", said one of these migrants.

According to the Sunday Times, Britain is expected to announce soon, availability to accommodate 15 000 Syrians.

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