segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

Edward Snowden "receives" award at a distance

The Norwegian Academy of literature and freedom of expression was delivered to an empty chair: Edward Snowden.

The Oslo Government could not ensure that the former American intelligence analyst could come to Norway without running the risk of extradition to the United States.

USA continued to pressure Norway on Snowden, kept secret @guardian @nytimes @Independent #democracy #transparency

"He said he was considering legal action in Norway in order to ensure their safety and so that you can come to receive the award for the year. Edward Snowden, many of us fight for this to become a reality. Congratulations on the prize this year, "said Bjørnson the President of the Academy, Hege Newth Nouri.

"We talked about freedom of speech and we were thinking about what this means in light of revelations about mass surveillance that have been made in recent years. It's more than about surveillance, is about democracy, it's about the relationship between rulers and ruled, "said Snowden in the acceptance speech, made from Russia, where it remains on the run to the arrest warrant of the American authorities, who accuse him of espionage.


Empty Chair with Edward Snowden’s Freedom of Expression Award given today in Norway.

#snowden #privacy


VIDEO: Edward Snowden Accepts Norway Prize for Freedom of Expression

#snowden #privacy

Snowden jumped to the front pages two years ago, when revealed documents prove mass espionage schemes undertaken by the NSA, in collaboration with large computer and telecommunications groups.

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