quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2015

Austrian police discover 24 truck young Afghans

The tragedy of last week could have been repeated with the discovery, in Austria, a truck with 24 young people, mostly minors, from Afghanistan.

Increasingly tight controls on the border between Austria and Hungary are causing queues of up to 30 kilometers, in Hungarian highways.

The Government of Hungary says that this migratory crisis is affecting the lives of Hungarians: "we are constantly negotiating with the Governments of Austria, Germany and other countries affected, so that our citizens can live a normal life and go to work every day," said the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Levente Magyar.

The Austrians are mobilizing for the help to migrants and refugees. Monday in Vienna was organized a March that brought together thousands of people.

These are the main routes migrants take to reach Europe http://t.co/xdPWY31QYS pic.twitter.com/cHAhUHzs5l

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