terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

"Bye-bye, Iraq": the story of who escapes the horror

Among the thousands of refugees arriving every day to Hungary, a large part run from the horrors of armed group Islamic State, which controls a large part of Iraq and Syria. RAED Waleed Abdullah comes from Mosul, one of the most important cities of Iraq, now in the hands of the radicals:

Some told reporters the hell that the extremist group poses, every day, to those who are still in the controlled area: "every day, the Islamic State gives new orders and the situation is terrible. There's no electricity, force us to live according to their standards. Reject the tradition of the Saints and the prophets. That's not our way of life, "says Raed.

Hala, Raed's wife, told how the Group's working women: "I was forbidden to leave the House without the company of a man. If my husband goes to work, I stay home. I can't even take their children to school without being accompanied by a man. Who refuse their rules is thrown from the top of buildings. Are inflicting misery and we had no choice but to obey them. "

Despite the journey that still lies ahead, Raed is relieved to be in Europe and proudly shows her passport, signing off with a "bye-bye, Iraq".

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