terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

Internal crisis get away from Tony Abbott of power in Australia

The Liberal Party, in Government, took the carpet so far Prime Minister Tony Abbott, putting Turnbull, old rival Abbott, in the leadership of the party and, as a result, in charge of the interim Government. With this palace coup, also Julie Bishop, now number two Liberal, can aspire to an important position in the Government, "has never been so good to be alive and has never been so good to be Australian. Let's make all Australians understand that the Government recognizes the opportunities of the future and is implementing the measures and plans certain to benefit from these opportunities. "

Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister two years ago, after four years leading the opposition. Had succeeded the Turnbull in the Liberal leadership. In recent weeks, the internal opposition within the party, had intensified, with a large part of Liberals unhappy with the policies of Abbott.

Some of Tuesday's newspaper front pages in Australia. pic.twitter.com/OKsjRHbByt

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