terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

Mexico requires explanation to Egypt after attack on tourists

The President of Mexico ordered the Egyptian security forces ' action that caused the deaths of 12 tourists and tourist guides, among which 2 Mexicans. Among the victims there will also be Chileans, French and Egyptians.

The authorities attacked a caravan of tourists, they confused with a terrorist group.

2 Mexican tourists among 12 dead in apparent mistaken government attack in Egypt . #Egypt http://t.co/A8AUX0Kthv

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior explained that "a joint force of police and army, while chasing terrorist elements in Wahat, on the Western desert, accidentally attacked four off-road vehicles, who belonged to a group of tourists".

The incident occurred sometime between Cairo and the border with Libya. It's impossible to locate the exact location of the incident, since multiple locations are designated Wahat in the vast desert.

An error of Egypt's security forces that caused even dozen wounded. At least five are Mexicans and received at the hospital Dar Al Fouad, the visit of the Ambassador of Mexico in Cairo.

The Egyptian authorities speak of the presence of tourists in a forbidden zone, which is denied by the tour operator.

The Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto now requires that the Egyptian Government to investigate the incident.

Mexico condemns these acts against our citizens and to the Government of Egypt has called for a thorough investigation of what happened.

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