quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2015

Climate change (and the name of a mountain) dominate Obama visit to Alaska

Apart from the controversy over the White House's decision to return the name of Mount Denali â€" used by native people of the region â€" the highest mountain of the United States, which for almost a century was the official designation of Mount McKinley, in honor of a former President, Barack Obama's visit to Alaska has as main objective to raise awareness of the adverse effects of climate change.

In Anchorage, at a Conference on the Arctic, sponsored by the State Department, Obama acknowledged the guilt "of the world's largest economy and second largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the" creation "of the environmental problem and promised to" embrace the responsibility of helping to solve it ", warning that" the climate is changing faster than the efforts "to tackle the problem and that" it is necessary to change that ".

Obama describes Alaska as the ground zero of climate change ". "Arctic temperatures are increasing at twice the rate of the rest of the planet. Last year was the warmest on record "and that the u.s. President does not hesitate to assert that" the distant threat is now an imminent danger "in a region that's losing per year 75 billion tonnes of ice from glaciers.

Environmentalists don't forgive Obama have allowed Shell to drill in the Arctic:

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