terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2015

Dozens of Austrians went to get refugees to Budapest

The words exchanged on social networks in action. Dozens of Austrians left Vienna towards Budapest to pick up the migrants and refugees who want to reach the center of Europe. They brought food, clothing, toys to help make less painful the long journey made by these people who ask for asylum, coming mostly from Syria.

One of the participants in this column of solidarity stated that "Europe has the tradition to defend tolerance, human rights, good governance. All these people who have fled the war, horror, are entitled to a safe ceiling. It is our duty to help them to find this place. " A young woman was helping "to coordinate things between the cars. People came to Vienna to take them to the border. When we get there, they go out and cross the border on foot, so nobody has problems with the law. "

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