sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

Italy: arrest of smugglers of illegal immigrants

Most of these people, among them many women and children, came from Eritrea. The smugglers are a Tunisian and Libyan one.

However, about a hundred migrants of various nationalities were arrested in a Libyan port, 50 km from Tripoli.

These people, who were preparing to make a perilous crossing of the Mediterranean, are detained for identification, according to the Libyan authorities.

Libyan Justice Minister launched an appeal to the Organization of an international Summit on the crisis: migration

"We call on the Organization of a regional Conference at the end of September, to resolve this crisis and stop this tragedy â€" with the participation of all Nations, including the European Union, and all the Nations where migrants depart," said Mustafa al-Kulaib.

The political instability in a country of Libya made the main routes of illegal trafficking. The facilitator networks bring Syrians through Egypt and citizens of countries sub-Saharan Africa ad through the Sudan, Niger and Chad.

According to humanitarian organisations, the migrants pay thousands of dollars for land and maritime passage, sometimes beaten and tortured by smugglers that they require more money for the final step in precarious boats.

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