sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

Hungary: migrants refused refugee camp

About 500 of migrants continue to refuse to take them to the refugee camp in Bicske Hungarian village, forty kilometres from Budapest, requiring continuing journey towards Germany.

The stowaways had reach the Austrian border and did not want to abandon the train.

The authorities explain that Hungary is limited to the rules of the Dublin Convention, which requires refugees to register in the country of entry into the European Union, but illegal immigrants occupying the carriages or try to escape the police.

The situation is similar in Nagyszentjanos, close to the border, where migrants thirty refusal be taken by police to the city of Gyor, where they should be registered.

A woman explains that Syria decided to start a hunger strike:

"We've been here for five or six hours, without food or drink. They want to give us water and fruit, but we refused. Don't let this man go to the bathroom and he is sick. "

According to the Hungarian authorities, about two thousand migrants remain next to Budapest-Keleti station.

The President of the European Council called on EU Member States to accommodate at least 100 thousand refugees.

Also defended the increase in financial assistance to neighbouring countries of the European Union are in the flyway, strengthening the borders and creation of refugee reception centres along the external borders of the European Union.

The European Commission should present new proposals next week to respond to the influx of migrants.

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