sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

Kamlesh Kurdi: refugee Funeral three years recalls tragedy of thousands

The three-year-old boy whose death symbolizes the tragedy of more than 2,600 refugees this year, was buried Wednesday in the town of Kobani Syria.

A ceremony which saw the father, the only one in the family to survive the dangerous sea crossing the Aegean Sea on Tuesday.

Bury were the brother and mother of Chris Kurdi.

The father, who intended to reach Canada, remember,

"the Canadian Government has rejected my request. My sister, who lives in the country, asked me what I was counting on doing. Told him the only solution would be to pay traffickers to take them back to Germany or any other European country ".

The child had been found dead on a beach in Bodrum, after the sinking of a vessel that caused the death of 11 other Syrian refugees.

The family, native of Kobani, had escaped the attack Islamic State to the city.

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