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Migration: What host receive migrants in Europe?

After, for the most part, have survived the sea crossing, in which many hundreds died, after the difficulties of the arrival to Greece or the passage by Serbia, entering Hungary is no longer easy. In front of you have a fence, installed by the Hungarian authorities, who still manage to "dribble" but are faced with a different kind of situations. How are received migrants in different European countries for which pass?

This Tuesday, hundreds of migrants ran out of Hungary when the unusual happened. A camera operator, Petra László, an official of the Hungarian television channel N1TV-although it is not clear if he was in the service of this season or if he was doing a ' report ' to the far-right Jobbik Party-decided to "pull a trick question" to a migrant who ran, with a child in your arms, and which eventually fall. The images were published on social networks by Stephan Richter, another journalist, the scene became viral and led the N1TV to dismiss Petra László for his "unacceptable behaviour".

Location in #Roeszke #Hungary further bad - police overwhelmed - refugees break through police chain - injured! pic.twitter.com/GlMGqGwABb

Manage the situation in Hungary was not at all easy. Not everyone agreed with the way the local authorities, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, managed the issue of refugees, complained of being left to the abandonment, of being badly treated by the Hungarians, clear message, spoken by some in German territory.

But also in Hungary, there is the other side, volunteer groups, many anonymous people, who help the migrants any way you can, supplying them with food, for example, how to write the ' Wall Street Journal '. Organized groups such as the ' Migration Aid ', created in June, mutiplicam its efforts to give a little ' heat ' to these people.

First voluntary medical aid has been setup at #Röszke, thanks to https://t.co/VtpVWfff1d next should follow few days pic.twitter.com/z1k8hJDWQZ

#migrants Europe1: "very good, very bad Budapest Austria". Discovered that Europe is made of fundamentally different peoples. :)<p>-François Momboisse (fmomboisse) 6 September 2015

Past what has been, for the most part, the Hungarian nightmare to Austria's arrival marks a new approach. Austrians and Germans entered in accordance to it all went as peacefully as possible. The Austria opens its borders. The second stop, within the Austrian territory, near the capital, Vienna, is Traiskirchen. Although for many this is just a stopping point on the way to Germany, here also the asylum applications are multiplying and the reception of migrants is quiet.

Op-ed: #Israel can’t afford to take the #Germany‘s risk and take in #refugees.

http://t.co/tGzWv7HLNW #Ynet pic.twitter.com/RYnEKSo42N

Angela Merkel becomes the heroine of migrants, it is seen on posters, but also the internet, still, in Germany, the "eight to eighty". The reception to the first migrants and refugees who came to Munich was impressive:

THIS is how you raise a happy,open-minded child who cares about others; how you raise an upstanding citizen #Munchen pic.twitter.com/h3NScc4c0d

Dozens of people expected and applauded the arrival of migrants. Ready not only to welcome them but also to help them. Children with candy shared us with other children, stunning images of humility.

But every coin has its reverse. On the streets, even before the arrival of the first trains of migrants to Germany, already far-right militants and neo-nazis were demonstrating and created chaos near a refugee reception centre. Doomed situation, at a press conference by Angela Merkel, next to François Hollande, who made the words of German Chancellor his.

But the situation is far from resolved. In this equation the European Union's role is crucial. The 28 can't come to an agreement as to what to do and how to do to resolve a problem which is serious for Europe and that it is not easy to manage.

This Wednesday, in State of the Union address, Jean-Claude Juncker addressed the refugee crisis. The President of the European Commission wants to distribute the 120 thousand refugees who are in Italy, Greece and Hungary, with urgent and mandatory character.

My letter of intent addressed to MartinSchulz and <a href="https://twitter.com/Xavier_Bettel">Xavier_Bettel #SOTEU #CWP2016 http://t.co/YZID0O8Ypd</a>

But in order to be able to pass from words to acts it is necessary that the countries that are part of the European Union to accept the role that was intended for them.

David Cameron began by showing little available to open the country's doors to more refugees but it seems that the British public is more sympathetic than the Prime Minister, as writes The Guardian. Cameron there eventually agree to receive a few more thousands.

France has started to receive the first refugees from Germany at the same time launched an offensive against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Syria.

The mayors were asked to arrange a warm receções migrants.

Also civil society mobilizes, artists speak of solidarity in television channels. A group of people under the slogan ' Pas en notre nom can muster more than 10 thousand people in the Centre of Paris, Place de la Republique, the action extends to other French cities.

#PasEnNotreNom #R Fugiesmigrantsdignity we were 10 000 Saturday to Republic and more if there are other...

The newspaper ' Libà © ration ' joins the initiatives conducted by the civil society. An online publication, Slate gives its contribution doing a "review" about what can be done to help.

But this wave of solidarity is not embraced by all ada in France, the French Government, which showed readiness to welcome 24 thousand people, asked the local authorities to provide accommodation for the refugees and migrants that will reach the country in next few months ³ but not all Presidents of Chamber were satisfied and available to do it , ' Le Monde '.

In Islam there is longÃnqua ¢ ndia 11 thousand Icelanders available for hosting sÃrios refugees but, for now, and how to write ' the public ', the country are ³ can receive 50 asylum applications per year.

Portugal, as the ' Express ', citing the news agency Reuters, is obliged to receive the refugees as a consequence of the ratificaà of international treaties in return receives 6 thousand euros for each host. Brussels wanted Portugal received 4775 refugees but, according to the Portuguese authorities the country will receive a total of 3,074 refugees, starting in October.

In recent days several were the ' posts ', pulbicados on social networks, to the indignation that we support the refugees when poverty is great in Portugal. Was even thrown a petition on the internet public, against the creation of a center of reception of these refugees and migrants in the Algarve.

In madeira, the announcement from the Government that they intend to accommodate refugees in arquipà © Lake, is not to be Pacific, as ' the public '. There are Facebook groups against, there are comments xenà ³ Phobos and there are even those who want to organize a demonstration of protest.

On the other side, µ organization civil society decided to create a ' refugee support Platform that aims to help people who will integrate the country.

Update your cover photo and show your support to this cause. http://t.co/OCpxrAcaeq #refugiados pic.twitter.com/X1EkVt5UF5

The Portuguese Council for refugees says he is getting offers from companies and other institutions and that dozens of people are available to accommodate families or refugee children. The information is advanced by the LUSA news agency.

Beyond all the controversy there is money and other kind of support promised to help these people recover their lives through sport. Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, the International Olympic Committee want to help. And even among the sports fans support is visible at the stadium of Borussia Dortmund:

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