domingo, 20 de setembro de 2015

More than a thousand refugees continues in Turkey waiting to enter in Greece

"We prefer not to flee by sea, because of the wrecks and all these problems-Syrian refugee"

It's Friday and since Monday that about a thousand of refugees try to go from Turkey to Greece. The border of Edirne, formerly Adrianóplois, is closed.

#Turkey update: Hundreds of #refugees marching to #Edirne near greek border. Video: Via muazyanilmaz<p>â€" José Miguel Sardo (jmsardo) 15 Septembre 2015

Improvised a camp where families survive with the help of local NGOs and Turkish authorities.

#photooftheday #SyrianRefugees Nafi Abu and Abdurrahman Abu hug each in #Edirne, Turkey on their way to Greece

Fled, mostly from Syria and seek a better life in Europe.

"We run very hard living conditions of Syria. We tried to escape, but prefer not to flee by sea, because of the wrecks and all these problems, "explains a refugee who wants to receive asylum in Sweden.

Another adds: "I think I'm going to Germany. Firstly, I would like to convey a message to the Europeans about what lives in Syria. And then I want to continue my study, I interrupted, in my country. "

The Governor of Edirne, Arlissa Ali Åžahin, joined, this Friday, the refugees, during the prayers of the Muslim holy day.

Informed them that the Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu, invites a small delegation to go to Ankara, to discuss the situation.

But as the Turkish authorities say that if Greece does not accept the migrants, they must go back, all refuse to turn walk.

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