domingo, 20 de setembro de 2015

Cuba prepared to receive the Pope Francisco

Cuba's engalanar to receive this weekend, the Pope Francisco. This is a visit filled with symbolism, taking into account the diplomatic role played by the Vatican on reconciliation between the island and the United States.

The Cubans await Pope's visit to mark the full end of the American embargo, which softens little by little.

"The Pope accompanied this process and I think, when you're here, will press for Cuba to open up to the world, and for the world to open to Cuba, as John Paul II," Juan Miguel Arregui. The Jesuit continues: "I hope that this is the moment you realize the hopes that people have."

But the visit of the Holy Father also has its share of criticism-not to the Pope, but to the Government.

"We live under a Government, a police state. Police States are extremely paranoid and we can't rule out the hypothesis that there are arrests â€" or even during the preventive activities of the Pope ", warns Elizardo Sanchez, President of the Cuban Commission for human rights and national reconciliation.

The organization goes even further and accuses the Government of being a "social cleansing", with the relocation of beggars and homeless.

Pope Francis is the third Pope to visit Cuba, four days before heading to the United States.

Before the trip, the Pope urged faithful, on Twitter, that they prayed for themselves.

I ask you to join me in praying for my trip to Cuba and the United States. I need your prayers.

And recorded a video message, addressed to the people of Cuba, in which is placed in the role of "Mission of mercy".

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