terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Portugal/elections: opened the voting hunt undecided

The polls don't vote

"Caution that polls don't vote" made the title online edition of the weekly Expresso, quoting the Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democrats, who warned for the illusion of victory guaranteed during the annals of this Sunday, in Guimarães. Because the enthusiasm is good, but can also discourage voters, Pedro Passos Coelho noted that it is necessary to vote for "that day can bring a great victory and a good majority". The President of the CDS, Paulo Portas, recognizes that "the maximum" to get people to the polls, but is "by Portugal, is not by our parties".

If the elections were today, the coalition could PÀF an advantage of 5.1 points, according to the survey commissioned by the newspaper Público, TSF radio and television TVI (38.1% of the vote, against 33 percent for the PS). Paulo Portas prefers so bet on tom and punish the Socialists: "PS underestimated the Coalition". Modest, Passos Coelho just wants to rule and promise not to "moan" with the result of the legislation, are not even interested in absolute majority, notes the JN, evoking the social democratic leader's declarations, which in coalition dinner in Barnes made a point of stressing a power ambition: "what we want, therefore, is not absolute. What we want is stability in order to govern, and that everyone knows what it is. "

The undecided categories

According to DN, as the Coalition wants to "reconcile" with who is angry with PSD and CDS from 2011, the PS wants to reach the many undecided which are situated in the vicinity of the Socialists. The great bustle back-if so for voters who don't know who to vote for. At a rally in Barcelos, Kole MEP will have given voice to this concern, asking the party "a major effort", suggesting three different approaches to three different categories of undecideds: those who hesitate to "between the coalition and the PS, which oscillate between the left and the" PS "and facing" between abstention and the PS ". This, while the Destak makes cover this Monday with the app "I vote!," created by a startup "to help those who do not know who to vote for."

After you have registered the hardening of the left bloc's speech against the PS and PCP, this weekend, the newspaper i Monday makes headlines with Antonio Arnaut, national representative of Socialist campaign promises that "the PS will rule alone if you do not have an absolute majority. A caught declarations of the political leaders, the weekly Saturday retrieves the speech of Guimarães de Passos Coelho, who promised to strengthen the welfare state laws, if you win with "even better health, better education, better yet still social support," said the pensioners who have no restrictions on pensions or will be asked for a contribution and gave as the return of "important part" of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX surcharge. The weekly didn't let escape the criticism of the head of the Coalition list Portugal ahead for Aveiro, Luis Montenegro, the PS, which accused him of arrogance in the campaign: "there was an entry of the PS in the election campaign of absolute arrogance, almost wanting to force people to one vote on a change that they don't want to actually". In Barcelos, the Secretary General of the Socialist Party blamed the Government PSD/CDS to have undermined the confidence of the Portuguese and divided the country, stressing that "the PS is the Party able to unite the country, to unite the Portuguese, to talk to all the social partners, to promote broader political dialogue", while, in Huntingdon, the Communist Secretary General and leader of the Unitarian Democratic Coalition (CDU) accused the Prime Minister of lacking the word given , referring to promises of Pedro Passos Coelho in the sense of not being needed more cuts of salaries or pensions.

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