terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Refugees: rain and bad weather make fear flu epidemic

Images of this Monday. Men, women and children expect to walk in the mud, that let them continue journey towards more prosperous countries in Europe.

The temperature dropped a lot and people start getting sick.

The Croatian authorities fear an epidemic of flu and remember that more than 70 thousand migrants entered the country in recent days.

However about 10 of 1,500 people wait for several hours in the Austrian border of Salzburg-Freilassing.

Want to get into Germany and on site there are no organized support structures, rely on the help of popular. The authorities announced that they are going to be fitted tents for about 160 people, showers and bathrooms.

In Germany, where they are expected around one million refugees by the end of the year, this wave begins to scare even the most optimistic. Sign it, were the statements Sunday of President Joachim Gauck, moral authority in the German political scene, which warned that the Germany can't accommodate everyone.

"We have a big heart but our host capabilities are limited," said Gauck.

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