domingo, 6 de setembro de 2015

Saudi Arabia is satisfied with u.s. assurances about Iran

The Saudi King, Salman, met with Barack Obama, this Friday, in Washington. It was the first visit since he ascended the throne, last January, and after the signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The monarch arrived at the White House worried about the Iranian issue but after talking with Obama, and as he explained the Saudi Foreign Minister, at a press conference, came out satisfied:

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is satisfied with these assurances, after spending the last two months in consultations about this agreement, with its allies in Europe and elsewhere. We believe that the agreement will contribute to the security and stability in the region and prevent Iran from increasing its nuclear capability. "

Yemen is one of the issues between Riyadh to Tehran. The United States support Saudi Arabia against the Houthis but Obama spoke, this Friday, the need to create a functioning Government and resolve the humanitarian situation.

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