domingo, 13 de setembro de 2015

Spain: human Tide for independence of Catalonia

According to the municipal police, 1 and a half million people participated in the March of five kilometers in the direction of the seat of the Catalan Government.

The number of demonstrators has not been confirmed by any independent source.

The event took place at the Catalan national day and start campaigning for the autonomic elections of the region on day 27.

"What we want is for the world listen very clearly what the will of the people of Catalonia and to respect also the democratic mandate, if this is the will of the people," says one man.

The parties that oppose independence have criticised the demonstration. Considered as an act of election President Arthur But.

Some supporters of the platform "Together in" were not fully satisfied.

"The realization of this demonstration early in the campaign for the re-election of Arthur But is making uncomfortable many people who fought for social and national rights of Catalonia, says another advocate of independence.

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