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The facts and the most relevant data about the Greek legislative

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This Sunday, September 20, the Greece will vote. An election triggered by the resignation of the Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, in last August. Polls open at 7:00 a.m., local time, two hours longer than in Lisbon, and terminate at 7:00 pm from Athens.

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The essential facts that marked Greece in recent months:

The fall of the Government of Antonis Samaras

The Greek Government situation was, at the end of 2014, catastrophic. The coalition Government, led by Antonis Samaras, the new democracy Party, "died", slowly, as if it were the layoffs, mostly due to disagreements about the negotiations on the austerity plan with the ' troika '.

The fatal blow was the failure of Antonis Samaras, the Conservative leader, to elect its candidate for President of the Republic. The former European Commissioner Stavros Dimas, not collected the 180 necessary votes in Parliament and the Government fell.

The fall of the apogee Samaris Tsipras

Antonis Samaras has called elections for January 25, the day that would mark a turnaround in Greece.

Of dissatisfaction and revolt of the Greeks, visible in the demonstrations have multiplied for many months, mainly on the streets of Athens, the Syriza. A formation of the more radical wing of the Greek left that purports to deal with international creditors and fight for the interests of a Greece tired of austerity.

Greek voters could punish Tsipras at ballot box #Greece #greeceelection

Packaged by the words of hope of Alexis Tsipras, the country turns to the left and this almost illustrious unknown passes manage destinations of the country, it is believed that believer that could pass through the "Cape of storms" and come, unharmed, to a successful conclusion. But the front had the last revision of the second rescue program.

A victory in downslope

The victory of Syriza is not expressive. Alexis Tsipras finds himself thrust into a coalition, the only way to govern a country eager for change, with most. Against all expectations the Syryza choose the conservative party and Independent Greek nationalist partner. In common the two formations have the anti-troika position and against austerity but, in all the rest, oppose totally, suffice it to say that the Greeks appear Independent of the Division â€" by discord over the ' troika ' â€" within the new democracy.

When presented his Government program to Parliament in February, Tsipras announced the gradual increase of the minimum wage to EUR 751, until 2016.

The approach to international creditors would be also different. Convinced at the time, Tsipras said: "we have a realistic plan and a strong bargaining tactic. We don't serve other interests other than those of the Greeks ".

With his Finance Minister, Yianis Varoufakis, opted to follow a line of negotiations with international lenders totally different from his predecessors. Proposed-if renegotiate quickly the austerity measures, prerequisites for Greece to close the second rescue program and receive financial aid. Since the summer of 2014 to the country via "a penny" from its creditors.

But this will be the toughest and exhausting battle Alexis Tsipras ever lived. While the Greek Prime Minister doesn't want to disappoint his electorate, and drop by the land promises made to him by another its creditors do not see with good eyes the solutions presented by the Syriza.

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Months and months of negotiations among the Greek team of negotiators remodeling, the reformulation of the Greek proposals, an initial vote of confidence from the Parliament to the austerity plan signed between the Government and Brussels, the closure of bancospara avoid capital flight, the failure to pay creditors â€" and Alexis Tsipras finds herself in a dead end. It is at this moment that decides to put in the hands of the Greeks the decision about the future of the country. In referendum Greeks must decide if the country accepts or not the demands of international creditors, synonymous with more austerity.

When people vote one thing and the Government legislates against by #Anguita #Grecia #OXI

The beginning of the end

The ' no ' won and started the ' heads ', for different reasons. Antonis Samaras couldn't handle another defeat and abandon the leadership of the conservatives. Evangelos Meimarakis is the man who follows ahead of the new democracy party.

But ' things ' are also flourishing Alexis Tsipras current is too strong and the Chief Executive has not as Greek paddle against her. Varoufakis eventually resign six July the country needs, urgently need money and is against all expectations that, days later, is negotiated a new rescue program to Greece, the third, 86 billion, followed by new measures of austerity.

A decision accompanied by a division within the Syriza. Some of the members do not agree with the agreement signed and leaves the party. A new training and, again without most, at the end of August Alexis Tsipras resigns to the Greeks. In his speech to the nation Tsipras said:

"We used our resistance as far as it was possible. I have a clean conscience about how we conduct this whole process. We comply with the vote of the people. We have faced strong pressures, say terrorists, but we took the case of Greece to the world and our country is today an example for those who are in the same situation. (…) I know we didn't get everything that we promised the Greek people, but saved the country, telling Europe that austerity should end. "

After several failed attempts of forming a Government, the opposition, the President ended up Greek delegate in the Greek Supreme Court President, Vassiliki Thanou, the interim management of the Government.

About the Greek electoral system

In Greece, as in many other countries, voting is not only a duty as a must. They shall exercise their right to vote citizens aged between 18 and 70 years. But there's no record of any sanction imposed on voters who did not vote.

The Greek Parliament has 300 seats. 250 are distributed on the basis of proportional representation. Are needed at least 3% of votes for a formation have seat in Parliament. The votes blank, null, or in Parties that don't get the 3% required are not considered in the allocation of places.

There are 50 seats assigned as a ' bonus ' the party that gets the most votes. The electoral law leaves out, in this regard, the coalitions. Are considered separately, the votes of each of the formations that are partedacoligação. The Syriza, is a special case since it presented the elections as a coalition, making it considered with a party. The parliamentary majority is achieved by the party or coalition of parties that some, at least, 151 (i.e. 50% plus one) of 300 existing posts in Parliament.

What are the main formations in this election race:

And Greece back to ' square one '. Alexis Tsipras didn't give up and wants to see renewed vote of confidence of the Greeks and back running, with the Syriza, the elections.

Syriza in campaign ds Athens districts." thin c is day of football. Not many people will come".

His main opponent, according to opinion polls, is Evangelos Venizelos, leader of New democracy which already set out to connect with the Syriza if necessary. Tsipras doesn't want.

Today at 12:30 â€" interview with Ev. MeÏŠmaraki in with n. #ellada_mprosta Evangelatos

There is another training which, although it does not have a chance to win it struck in January. After the fifth place achieved in June 2012 legislative, the Golden Dawn, the extreme right or neo-Nazi party Greek achieved a historic result and positioned itself as the third best voted formation.

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