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The story of the man who a Hungarian reporter decided to blindside

The responses on this refugee are written in Arabic in a series of online and media organs in the medium. The man in question â€" identified by ' social ' average Syrians, like Osama al-Abd al-Mohsen, also known as Osama al-Ghadab or Hajj Osama-football coach of al-Fotuwa, in his hometown, Deir Ezzor:

Deir Ezzor, in Syria, one of the towns stricken by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, using suicide bombers, like this:

The double #ISIS suicide attacks that hit #Assad Missiles Battalion in #DeirEzzor air-base this afternoon.. #Syria

A community page Syria identifies al-Mohsen a portrait, you and your son, that he carried out the police in Hungary. The photo caption says he was captured once, by the Syrian regime and who escaped the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The comments describe it as "old revolutionary". The ' Storyful ' failed information about when al-Mohsen left Deir Ezzor or what was your route until you come across the Hungarian image reporter.

Mohannad al-Mohsen, identified as another of the children of this man, was interviewed in various news reports, claimed not to know the whereabouts of the father and the brother of seven years.

For his part, Al-Muhannad al-Mohsen, the eldest son of al-Mohsen, who says in "Facebook": living in Turkey, published an image of the fall of the father and the brother in Roszke, on your Facebook account. In the caption reads a compliment, it is presumed, to his father: "you're a great man, an ambitious man, who does not know impossible. You risked your life and dignity to give us a decent life and a better future, so we could continue their studies and help build the new Syria. That God help me (...) to make you feel proud of me. That God is with you, protect you and give you patience. #You_Raised_Us_Well. "

Many users of the ' average ' commented the publication social identifying al-Mohsen as Hajj Osama, respectful way to treat the elderly men, who completed their pilgrimage, saying they are with him and sending him compliments. This comment reads: "Hajj Osama, do not despair."

The Alarabiya also speaks of Osama al-Ghadab saying he used to take the youngest son to football but this time, the led on a perilous journey across the Mediterranean.

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