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Air France workers and directors try to avoid redundancies 2900

Thousands of Air France workers demonstrated in front of the Assembly of the French Republic, in Paris, on Thursday, against the company's decision to cut at least 1000 jobs over the next year. The protest, according to the unions, joined by about 7000 employees of the largest French airline.

The demonstration took place for the day of the first meeting between the directors of the largest French airline and representatives of workers after assault, 5 October, the Chief of the Human Resources of the company and another Executive. This time, there was no record of violent acts.

22 at 1 p.m. before AssembleeNat Piazza Edouard Herriot 75007 PARIS <a href="">#cgtairfrance</a> <a href="">#CGT</a> <a href="">#AirFrance</a> <a href=""></a><p>-CGT AIR FRANCE (CGTAIRFRANCE) 19 October 2015

The layoffs are part of a restructuring of Air France, which hopes to save in the next two years, about 1.8 million euros. The plan came to be a part of a new wave of redundancies, around 1900, in 2017.

For now, however, this second round of layoffs was suspended, "hoping to find an understanding with pilots and ground personnel to improve productivity", said Didier Fauverte, of the General Labour Confederation (CGT).

"The chance to remain in negotiations and following the plan, the only layoffs that we consider in 2016, and these will be voluntary departures as always happened, will be those of 1000 workers. This was discussed with the social partners and this number has been confirmed, "said Frédéric Gagey, the Chief Executive of Air France.

The pilots, in turn, appealed to the Government. "In life, if we do nothing, if we are not alert and we don't do what is our responsibility, it is certain that nothing happens. So, Yes, the Government can decide whether you want a company that has weight in global airspace or not, "said Captain Bruno Benoist-Lucy.

In the course of the demonstration, was sung the song "Tomber la Chemise" by Zebda French group, which has been used in the protests of employees of Air France since the October 5 episode, in which company executives ended up with torn clothes and bare-chested. Five people were detained due to this attack, will be present in court to 2 December and during the protest Thursday received words of support.

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