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Portugal: Cavaco Silva designates steps to Prime Minister and press Costa

The President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, nominated Thursday Pedro Passos Coelho to stay as Prime Minister of Portugal. After winning the elections of October 4, the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the right-wing coalition ahead of Portugal (PàF) will now have to form a Government before an Alliance of the left, led by Socialist Party (PS), with a claimed agreement to form an Executive of an absolute majority.

The PS, the left bloc (BE) and the CDU represent 50.85 percent of the vote, but the President, in accordance with article 187 § of the Constitution, has complete freedom of decision. In the speech of nomination, delivered from Bethlehem, Cavaco Silva criticized the attitude of the left and pushed Antonio coast to make the PàF project.

Portugal: Pedro Passos Coelho reappointed to the position of Prime Minister to #AFP

"I deeply regret that, at a time when it is important to consolidate the path of growth and job creation and in which dialogue and engagement are more necessary than ever that economic interests have overlaid on safeguarding the national best interests," said the head of State.

In this context, he added, after hearing the seven parties with parliamentary seat and bearing in mind that in 40 years of Portuguese democracy the responsibility to form a Government was always attributed to whoever won the election: "Indigitei today (Thursday, 22 October), as Prime Minister, Dr. Pedro Passos Coelho, leader of the largest party in the coalition that won the elections of October 04" , announced.

"I had in mind that in 40 years of Portuguese democracy the responsibility to form a Government was always attributed to whoever won the election. Thus occurred in all electoral acts in which the winning political force did not obtain the majority of members of the Assembly of the Republic, as happened in the 2009 legislative elections, in which the Socialist Party was the most voted party, electing 97 members only and the other political forces abandoned their duties, "he recalled.

A 10-minute speech, the President talked of coalition negotiations between the PSD/CDS-PP and PS, the talks between the PS with the parties further to the left (and BE), remembering that in the communication to the country that issued about two weeks ago said that the country needs "a Government solution to ensure political stability".

Between the "beacons" that placed at the time the future Government, Cavaco Silva pointed out the need of Government solution have to respect historical commitments assumed by the State and the great strategic choices adopted since the establishment of democracy. However, in a reference to talks between the Coalition PSD/CDS-PP and PS, the President regretted this Thursday: "the contacts made between the political parties which support and LF reveem in the project of the European Union and the Euro Zone did not produce the results you need to achieve a stable Government and lasting solution."

"This situation is all the more unique as the policy guidelines and programmes of these electoral parties are not incompatible, being, on the contrary, virtually converge as strategic objectives of Portugal. Hence my repeated appeal to a broad understanding around the large national policy guidelines, "he argued.

Creasing the idea that PSD, CDS-PP and PS are "partisan" pro-European forces, the President of the Republic considered "all the more incomprehensible" that have not come to an understanding when, in the recent past have approved the Lisbon Treaty, the Treaty and the European stability mechanism, "while other parties voted against."

"The appointment of the Prime Minister by the President of the Republic does not close the process of government formation. The last word is up to the Assembly of the Republic or, more precisely, to the members of the Assembly of the Republic. The rejection of the Government's Program, by an absolute majority of deputies in effectiveness of functions, implies your resignation, "said the head of State.

The Socialist Deputy João Soares lamented that the President has nominated the leader of the PSD as Prime Minister, a decision that makes the country "losing time" because "inevitably" Passos Coelho will be knocked down in Parliament. "I think quite honestly that this decision of the President of the Republic makes the country lose time because inevitably the one that was nominated as future Prime Minister will fall in this Parliament, I don't have any doubts about that," said João Soares to reporters in Parliament.

According to João Soares, "will be need to call someone who is in a position to ensure a stable and lasting Government in terms of parliamentary support, and this can only be done by the PS, by BE and by the PCP.

João Soares-the left has all the legitimacy to form a Government

João Soares refused although there are divisions among Socialists over the agreement which has been negotiated with BE and PCP for an alternative to a PSD/CDS-PP Government, parties, within the framework of the Portugal forward Coalition, won the legislative elections of October 4, without an absolute majority in Parliament. "The parliamentary group of the PS and PS are United in supporting a historic solution in our country, which, for the first time, you can end up with what was an abstruse concept from the democratic point of view, the concept of the arc Government," he said.

Asked about the possibility of Socialist members to vote against in the Parliament decisions necessary to the formation of any Government supported by PS and PCP, as motions to reject the Executive PSD/CDS-PP, João Soares replied: "I don't think that's possible and just over an hour in a meeting of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party".

"The only stable and lasting solution, as the Portuguese already understood throughout this complicated process of negotiations between the party leaders, is one that will result in the understanding between the PS, and the PCP", declared the son of Mario Soares, adding that "António Costa said, as you have said you want to BE Coordinator leader, wants the leader of PCP that there are no conditions for a right-wing government ". "That's why it's particularly weird and regrettable that the President of the Republic has appointed someone who knows no condition to ensure a lasting and stable Government," he insisted.

The parliamentary leader BE accused the President of trying to save the lives of policies Passos Coelho and Paulo Portas to appoint the leader of the PSD to form a Government again, due to his "rib". "The country needed a President responsible not to the country losing time and behaved as if he were dependent on his right ribs, particularly in support of PSD/CDS," said Pedro Filipe Soares, in Parliament.

"President is trying to condition the decisions of members"

According to Mr dancing, "PSD and CDS have lost most, lost the legitimacy to continue to govern and only the President is that you want to save in this situation". "On our part, we will not accept this Government and he, in that we depend on, will not have feasibility in terms of program" reaffirmed, referring to the motion of rejection have promised on election night, while recognizing that the decision to Cavaco Silva has "formal and constitutional legitimacy, but" completely ignores the hearings with the political parties. "

Pedro Filipe Soares refused to reveal the course of negotiations with PS, PCP and ENP, with a view to an alternative Government, and if a possible understanding goes through a tax agreement because the parliamentary talks "are on the table".

According to the Communist Deputy, Cavaco Silva has "totally to the service of the PSD and the CDS, whose Government action the Portuguese wanted to see". "The President is fully responsible and will have to assume all the consequences for which creates and instability will result from this decision," he added, in relation to the hypothesis of a possible Executive in managing the new Government will be "failed" in the Assembly of the Republic.

John Darmanin reiterated his group's intention to submit a motion of rejection of the program of future Government PSD/CDS-PP.

The Vice President of the CDS-PP considered today that "nominate who won is a normal Act in democracy and opt for those who missed is that it would be strange," stressing that the responsibility is now for members. In reaction to the speech of the President of the Republic, Nuno Melo felt that this was one of the more "important, clear and brave" of all mandates of Cavaco Silva.

According to the centrist â€" recalled that Cavaco Silva did what all Presidents have done in the past 40 years â€" the decision and the responsibility it is now up to the members, and I hope that parliamentarians do what has to be done, excusing himself to anticipate scenarios.

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