domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015

Award-winning Polish writer threatened with death

The Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk was threatened with death because of one of his latest works,

The best-selling novel with the title "the books of Jacob" puts the finger on the deepest wound of Polish history.

The campaign against the author began day October 5, when it received a literary award.

After the ceremony, the writer harshly criticized the Polish right and their positions on issues such as the persecution of the Jews, which caused the anger of thousands of Internet users.

Followed then the insults, many of which refer to Jewish ancestry Tokarczuk, and violent threats.

But the writer says not intimidated:

In an interview with Polish public television TVP, Olga Tokarczuk argued that the truth of the history of Polish must be known by all:

"I think it is necessary to rewrite history whenever necessary and without cover up the horrible things we did as colonizers, oppressors of minorities, owning and murderers of Jews."

Some nationalist groups also reject the charges and say Tokarczuk is nothing more than a traitor, and should leave the country.

However, some of the authors of the most aggressive have been located by the police and the Polish authorities consider even take the case to the justice.

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