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Woman gives birth to almost 10,000 km high

About to 6:00 after take-off, well over the Pacific, the woman made it known to the flight attendants that the waters had blown. Quickly, tried to find a doctor among the passengers and the captain reported the company, Air China, requesting permission to land at the nearest airport. The plane was allowed to land in Anchorage, Alaska.

VIDEO Woman gives birth at 9,000m on long-haul China Airlines flight!

About half an hour before the plane hit the runway and more than 9:00 after taking off, the woman gave birth. The delivery was carried out by a young doctor, Angelica Zen, who returned from honeymoon in Bali.

"When the baby came out healthy, I was very relieved," confessed to CTV to UCLA's resident, who thus made his debut conducting a birth without any supervision of more experienced doctors. Overall, was the third delivery of the medical career of Zen, but the first solo.

Dr Angelica Zen, UCLAHealth resident & David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA grad, helps deliver baby mid-flight. <a href=""></a><p>â€" UCLA Health (UCLAHealth) 14 outubro 2015

The pregnant woman was sitting in the first-class section of the plane, where space does not make it easier for assisted childbirth. The midwife of occasion changed the patient for the main cabin of the plane and threw her on the ground. The flight attendants provided towels, blankets and some objects requested by the doctor, who was close to the husband, an engineer, to come-"I think he was more nervous than I," quipped the newlywed.

It was not clear whether the baby would have been born already in American territory or not, being able to be one of the newest "nephews" of "Uncle Sam."

Airborn baby! Woman gives birth 30,000 feet in the air on #China Airlines flight

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