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Barreiro Rocks 2015: The Baron 4 e The Jay Vons estreiam-se em Portugal

Nominated for the "UK Festival Awards" and to the "European Festival Awards, Barreiro Rocks is one of the events that best exemplifies the Portuguese entrepreneurship across borders. Organized by bigotry Since September 2000 and growing for a decade, during the crisis, the festival of the "South Shore" held to reduce local support, regained strength and celebrates this year the 15 Edition with the distribution for 4 stages of 24 national and international projects.

The poster was announced at once, as is the prerogative of the Hey Pachuco!, born at the end of 2004 to give the Barreiro Rocks a legal basis that until then didn't exist at the local town hall, the major sponsor of the event.

Among the headliners are The Routes (Japan) and The Parkinsons (United Kingdom/Portugal). Among the newcomers, underlines the passage by Barreiro Rocks of the British The Baron 4 (top photo), New Yorkers The Jay Vons and The Spanish Government.

Of national artists, noted the return of Fast Eddie Nelson, "blues man" on earth that in some editions of this festival has divided the stage work by the door, and the Spanish Los Chicos, foreign band more often acted in the "webzine" Desconcierto dubbed once as "the best Garage Rock festival of the Iberian Peninsula."

Moreover, the conimbricenses D3ö, 13 years later, and the Spaniards Fabulous Combo, 4 years later, bisam in Barreiro Rocks. Closing the matinee on Sunday, the final day of the poster, will be this year the "Mexicans" Los Santeros, project originating from the streets barreirenses and responsible for some of the most memorable and exciting closures of 14 edits ever made of this festival.

In the year that competes with the megalomaniac Alive, Oeiras, the "best foreign festival" in this year's Edition of the "UK Festival Awards-winners known on November 26 â€" Barreiro Rocks marked the days 4, 5 and 6 December for the party of Rock 'n' Roll.

The pass for 3 days already on sale and is worth 30 euros. The day tickets can buy if desired on the same day at a price of 15 euros (Friday, 4 December), 20 euros (Saturday, 5 December) and 10 euros (Sunday, 6 December).

Palco Ferroviários 22h00 Cave Story 23h00 D3ö 00h00 The Baron 4 (RUn) 01h00 The Routes (Jap)

Palco #PartyFiesta 02h00 The Sunflowers DJ Shimmy (EUA)

Stage School Postacrds 4:00 pm From Wonderland 4:45 pm 5:30 pm 6:15 pm 800 Gondomar The Brooms Fabulous Combo spectrum (Esp)

Palco Ferroviários 21h30 The Jay Vons (EUA) 22h20 The Government (Esp) 23h10 Fast Eddie Nelson 00h00 Los Chicos (Esp) 01h00 The Parkinsons

Stage #PartyFiesta 2:00 Clementine DJ Shimmy (USA)

Palco Escola 16 h 00 planet Quadrado 16 h 45 Tiger Picnic 17 h 30 Conan Castro & the Moonshine Piñatas 18 h 15 Mighty Sands 19 h 00 Santeros ("Mex")

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