quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2015

Earthquake in Afghanistan: Taliban say that NGOS are welcome

In the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, rescue personnel are a race against time to find survivors of the earthquake that hit the region.

In addition to the cold weather that begins to install itself in this mountainous area, the security forces have to rely on the fact that this is an area largely dominated by the Taliban.

The Afghan army is participating in the search: "after the earthquake, the military came to us. I want to ask the army and the Government to help us rebuild our homes. Our children have many problems, we're helpless. Last night we slept in the open and the next night will be that way, too, "says local resident Sultan Zareen Khan.

Bakht Raj Khan, another inhabitant of the area, lost his house and part of the family: "When I came home, one of my nephews was arrested and died under the rubble. Several animals and objects of the House were also buried. Joined a lot of people to help save my family and other people ".

One of the areas affected is the Swat Valley, known to be a theatre of war between the Afghan army, supported by the Western forces and the Taliban.

Islamic extremists have issued a press release where they say that security forces and NGOs are welcome to assist the victims of the earthquake. However, the situation does not cease to cause fear in the authorities.

The balance continues to rise, with at least 228 confirmed kills in Pakistan and 115 in Afghanistan.

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