segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

Israel prevents thousands of Palestinians of access to Jerusalem

The Palestinian Government denounced what it considers to be a military escalation of Israel in Jerusalem and in the occupied West Bank.

The city authorities have decided to shut down access to the old town for two days after two gun attacks against Israelis have white caused at least two deaths since Saturday.

The total closure of the city to the Palestinians is an unprecedented decision that affects over 300 thousand inhabitants of East Jerusalem.

A Palestinian resident says, "do this because it's a holiday, they will pray and I want to go visit my parents but they won't let me in. I live on the outskirts of Jerusalem and is what they say my documents ".

"They wouldn't let me in because there are a lot of problems here in Jerusalem, security issues, but they don't let us get into the old town".

The measure is exceptionally located increases the tension in the territory, where the restrictions on entry of Palestinians on the Esplanade of the mosques had already provoked violent clashes in recent weeks.

The Islamic Jihad group claimed yesterday the attack with melee weapon that killed two Israelis, in the old city of Jerusalem, injuring two others, when a new assault, this Sunday, ended with the death of the alleged perpetrator.

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