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King Philip VI chairs the day Spain without the presence of Catalan and Basque leaders

In addition to the Catalan independentist Arthur But, also the Presidents relied of the Basque country, Iñigo Urkullu, and Uxue Barkos of Navarra, were absent from the festivities of the national day of Spain.

The October 12 was established as the day of the "Hispanidad" with reference to the arrival of Columbus to America. Have been on this day in 1492, the sailor Rodrigo de Triana spotted for the first time the "new world" and shouted "Earth!" The expedition had dropped just over two months before Palos in Andalusia, and the first piece of America to be trampled has been one of the islands of the Bahamas.

For the first time, NATO joined the festivities, with the flag of the North Atlantic Alliance also raised. The military parade was closed by the Eagle patrol, who dyed the heavens of the Spanish capital with the national colors.

Philip VI and Letizia arrived at Neptune Square of Rolls Royce, escaped from a parade of the Royal guards on horseback. Next to the Royal couple in the Gallery, were his daughters, Princess Leonor and the Infanta Sofia, who had arrived in another car.

The Kings, with his daughters, preside over the parade of the #FiestaNacional http://t.co/OSYk0G4Vm2 pic.twitter.com/aG0C32v6Iy

After the military parade, Felipe and Letizia offered the traditional reception at the Royal Palace, to which were invited almost 2000 people. The budget of this year's celebrations of the day of the "Hispanidad", not including spending on the air force parade, exceeded 800 thousand euros.

The national http://t.co/cPLTYmMYBQ http://t.co/cgwhkIpMo7 pic.twitter.com/Hr9B7d4rXV holiday military parade

The day of the "Hispanidad" is also celebrated in the old Spanish communities overseas. In Argentina, was baptized the Day of respect and Cultural diversity; In Chile, there is celebrated the day of the meeting of two worlds, by reference to the "discovery" of America; and in Nicaragua and Venezuela, is called the day of Indigenous Resistance. In the Bahamas, the celebrated Columbus Day.

Today we remember one year more than the meeting of two worlds pic.twitter.com/y6UqRgcLgF

In addition to holiday in Brazil, hj tb is a holiday in #EUA-#ColumbusDay. Meet + sb this date: http://t.co/VlrxNmIZOP

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