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Kosovo: opposition back the "gas" because Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro

Opposition MPs in Kosovo have returned, this Friday, releasing tear gas in Parliament and the block, once more, the work schedule of the House. At issue are the normalization of relations with Serbia, mediated by the European Union, and the demarcation of borders with Montenegro.

The parliamentary session of closing week was scheduled for the local 4:00 pm, but after a first gas canister have been triggered, was suspended and postponed until hours later. Around midnight, a new gas canister would cancel even the works.

Kosovo MPs in tear gas protest â€" for third session running

At the same time, on the street, police also used tear gas to try to control protesters who threw homemade explosives against the seat of Government.

The gas has been a recurring strategy of the opposition in Parliament, to crease the protest against the kosovar approach to Serbia, which became independent in 2008, and Montenegro. "We will continue to resist until these two agreements are cancelled," promised Donika Kada Bujupi, of the Alliance for the future of Kosovo.

The opposition believes that the agreement with Serbia will guarantee more power to local Serbs and Kosovars open even the door funds of Belgrade, which, in opposition, optical represents a threat to the independence of the country.

The representative of a visit to the Kosovo mission of the International Monetary Fund revealed the concern of the organism from what happened in Parliament. "This is slowing the adoption of important legislation. Some of it, there is an urgent need in the economic reform agenda of the Government and to the viability of the Kosovo program supported by the Fund, "said Jacques Miniane.

Kosovo has reached an agreement with the IMF in June for a Fund for prevention of 185 million euros.

The United States, that may as the biggest supporter of Kosovo, did know that recent developments may affect Kosovo's ambitions of European Union membership.

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