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Mozambique: Released the Dhlakama's securities

The Renamo leader â€" which was obliged to deliver, to effective rapid intervention force (FIR), three weapons they had in their possession and the 16 that belonged to your guard â€" required, at the time of arrest, the release, without conditions, of his men.

Dhlakama's residence, in the city of Beira in Mozambique, had been surrounded and invaded, on Friday morning, by long-time FIR.

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The effective of FIR abandoned the residence of the Mozambican opposition leader during the afternoon. The police took more people into the streets. The CanalMoz published a photo of the crowd at a time when Afonso Dhlakama left the street, even if you don't see the leader of Renamo in the photo, to greet the public.

During "the siege", and µ s declaration is moà press § ambicana, Dhlakama said he does not want to be protected by agents of FIR or police because it has already happened in the past and are ³ there were problems: "I want to leave my house because I already took the three with guns that attacked me and 16 of our guards more" said Dhlakama.

The leader of the Renamo had scheduled a press conference for Friday, following negotiations with a view to a meeting between the strong man of the Renamo and the Mozambican President Philip Nyusi.

Despite the siege, and according to the Portuguese news agency Lusa, the 13:30 were gathered, with Afonso Dhlakama, on your House, the Governor of the province of Sofala, Helena Taipo, the Archbishop of Beira, Claudio Zuanna, and mediators of the process of dialogue between Government and Renamo, some of whom also religious leaders.

In addition to popular nearby were several local political figures and human rights activists. Renamo General Secretary, Manuel Bissopo, the head of the Parliamentary Caucus, Ivone Soares, the party spokesman, Antonio Muchangaa and the President of the Human Rights League, Alice Mabota, were prevented from entering the residence of Dhlakama.

Afonso Dhlakama reappeared recently after having been partly uncertain, following the alleged ambush that resulted in several dead. The incident took place on 25 September in Gondola, Manica province. The Renamo guard and defence forces and security were protagonists of a firefight that ended with the "disappearance" of Dhlakama.

Days before, the caravan of the Renamo leader suffered another ambush near Chimoio, in the same province, an episode witnessed by journalists and that is unclear.

Mozambique live the spectrum of a return to civil war that lasted 15 years and caused thousands of deaths.

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