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Obama accuses Putin of Assad and give protection to the Group Islamic State

Obama accuses Russia of strengthening the State Islâmico × 6

Default ally of the Assad regime, Vladimir Putin resists the idea of a political change in Syria and, on the contrary, even advocated in the United Nations General Assembly, on Monday, to be "a huge mistake not to cooperate with those fighting frontally terrorism". "We should recognize that no one else, in addition to the armed forces of President Assad, is actually to fight the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria," said the Russian President, in New York.

Obama rejects any support or collaboration with the Assad regime and insists on a political change in Syria. Though I do admit, working with Russia and Iran in combating ISIL, the head of the White House accuses the Kremlin leader to be enjoy the alleged fight against "jihadists" and terrorism to help Assad the fight the opposition.

"The reason why Assad is still in power is because Russia and Iran are behind him. The moderate opposition in Syria is a strength that we will need if we ever have a political transition, but the Russian action is forcing these people to hide or to create a situation in which this objection loses force and this is just reinforcing the Group Islamic State, "warned Obama, at a press conference at the White House in Washington.

The u.s. President added that "Putin intervened in Syria by weakness and not be in a position of strength" and to help Assad. "A military solution alone, an attempt to Russia and Will strengthen the position of Assad and try to pacify the population, will only bogging them in a bog, it won't work and will keep them there much longer if you don't take a different path", he warned.

Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama

Obama remembered have launched a coalition of 60 countries to end the "jihadists" Sunnis of ISIL, which expanded by Iraq and Syria. The American leader has ensured that the entry of Russia in this Alliance would be welcome, but lamented that Putin preferred approach of Assad and will be also bombing areas controlled by the moderate opposition to the Syrian regime, which the United States will continue to support.

To curb fears that begin to rise, Obama rejected even the idea that the United States may go to war with Russia indirectly through the conflict in Syria. The head of the White House maintains the intention not to step up u.s. involvement in the conflict, Syrian, denying sending more arms or military to help the opposing forces of Assad.

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