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Record of 168 thousand illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean only in September

Since the beginning of the year until Friday morning, October 2, the UN agency accounted 396,500 entry people in Greece, via sea. More than 150 thousand registered only in September represent an increase of 250 percent compared with 43,500 recorded during all of last year.

The flow of #refugees and #migrants continues despite adverse weather and is expected to pass 400,000 soon.

Still, there was a slowing down in the last days of the month. "There was a remarkable drop in arrivals by sea this week, who accompanied the changes in time," said Adrian Edwards, spokesman for the UNHCR, detailing, for example, that the September 25 6600 arrivals were recorded, but the next day only 2200.

"A recent average of about 5000 arrivals per day, the numbers fell to around 3300 daily landings in the last 6 days and only 1500 yesterday," Edwards, subject, however, that "an improvement in the climate can help a new increase of arrivals by sea."

The Greece is by far the main gateway into Europe for migrants and refugees from mainly from conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa. It is estimated that soon reaches 400,000 people coming illegally to the Greek coast. The Italy is the second most popular port of entry into Europe, with 131,000 arrivals recorded this year.

Greece arrivals are from 97% refugee-producing countries: 70% Syria, 18% Afghanistan 4% Iraq

The worsening weather, with increasing wind speed and temperature, cooling is becoming even more dangerous crossing the Mediterranean. The bailouts have succeeded. For example, the first day that participated in operation "Poseidon Sea 2015", within the framework of cooperation with Frontex, the Portuguese Maritime Police revealed have rescued Thursday in the Aegean Sea near the island of Lesbos, in Greece, 36 migrants, among them 4 children, who were rescued aboard the vessel "Tejo".

This Friday, several vessels continued to reach the coast of Lesbos. One of them, Khaled came and the children. "When we got on the boat and I saw the huge waves, wanted to go back. But where can we go back? We were forced to flee ", stressed this Syrian refugee, adding:" I was afraid for my children. If something happened to them, I'd be guilty. "

Syrian #refugees have been on the rise since February and are seeking #asylum across Europe:

In France, however, were found "safe and sound" 31 migrants, including a child of 3 years, inside a refrigerated truck. The car was in a service area of Highway A16, Grande-Synthe, in the North of the country, which serves as a route to migrants who have as destination the United Kingdom.

According to the authorities, all migrants ensure be Syrian citizens, except for an element that is said to have Vietnamese nationality. The driver of the truck has Spanish nationality and is said to have parked the truck when he heard a noise in the cooling Chamber.

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