terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2015

Poland turn right

The election completely annihilated the forces of the left, which will not have a single member in Parliament. The second place went to the centrist Civic Platform, until now in power.

On the streets of Warsaw, the Polish seem conformed to the result: "I think that democracy has triumphed because participation was high â€" 51%. There's been a change, the PiS won, but I hope that those who did not vote on them also have been happy, "says a resident of the Polish capital.

"The result is predictable. Already expected a victory of PiS, I just didn't think that they could have an absolute majority. For me, the biggest surprise is the extreme right not having entered the Parliament. The other results are in line with the polls, "said another Warsaw resident.

The head of the Government remains in the hands of a woman. Beata Szydło, catapulted by Kaczyński, will succeed the Ewa Kopacz, who heads the destinies of Poland since Donald Tusk was presiding over the European Council.

The law and justice is considered Eurosceptic. When the party was in power, between 2005 and 2007, many frictions with Brussels. The anti-immigration program also earned the label of xenophobic party.

A Eurosceptic party has won Poland's election. How has the migrant crisis changed politics? https://t.co/MX7Yga71oW pic.twitter.com/Sird36DSWx

In economic terms, the PiS is more social. Plans to raise taxes on the banking and the large distribution, which may have consequences for Portuguese groups installed in the country.

The third most votes was the movement led by local star ashiq rock Paweł Kukiz, which will have a total of 44 members. Kukiz had already run presidential and was also in third position.

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