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Portuguese League, J8: "11" Sporting "hits" (0-3) team of Benfica in the light

Game of huge expectation on his return to the stadium of light by Jorge Jesus. Second duel of now coach of Sporting against former club, after the victory in Supercup. Game card "Leo" only a change in the face of this first official game: the still suspended Carrillo, author of the goal in the Supercup, ceded the job to back William Carvalho, but the team went on to win.

Not only are players are a team the 11 but the 25!! Thanks for the 12 player support!

The "recipe" of Jesus, based on experienced players (John Parker has 31 years, Teo and Ruiz, 30) appears to be ideal to win the "Eagles" of Victory. With defensive midfielder, 23 years, however, it is even better. The Lions reached the interval with the victory "in the bag" and later as "dessert," tasted still isolated leadership.

1987: 0-3*;

1947/48: 1-4;

1941/42: 0-5**

1938/39: 1-4;

1936/37: 0-5;

(*/** Super Cup Lisbon Championship)

Benfica WINS: 80 (286 goals);

Sporting victories: 32 (189 goals);

Draws: 32

At 9 minutes, André Almeida misses and Adrien launches Téo Gutierrez. On the ball with goalkeeper Cesar Júio, the Colombian was happy and opened the scoring â€" 2° goal striker in the League and in two consecutive days.

Benfica reacted. Patrick drove away the free handles dangerous of Gaitán, but Sporting was better, circulated the ball with greater security and spying on the attack. That's how stretched his advantage. To 21 minutes, with space, Jefferson crossed from the left as of Slimani. Among the Central Algerian or jumped up and headed for the 6° goal in the League. Full effectiveness of "Lions."

Without extremes, and realized why, Sporting closed the inner game of Benfica, in particular that of Nico Gaitán, with the presence of João Mário and Ruiz. The Argentine was only seen in the set pieces.

#JoaoMário: did not score, did not attend but was ubiquitous #DiaDeSporting/EATLMxy5Mq pic.twitter.com https://t.co/vnyHeTVG3D#LigaNOS class

Jonas still had a good shot for the top half an hour. But the 36 minutes everything was settled. New loss of ball of the "Eagles" and, on the counterattack, Slimani shot good defense of Julius Caesar. On reload, Bryan Ruiz "signed" the 0-3 â€" the first Costa Rican goal in the League.

The played nervous, the yellow cards ensued for the second part, Victory took the bewildered Elisha, but was restrained and bet on Fejsa. Benfica still had no "art", Sporting controlled and nearly came back to score, to 58 minutes, by Jefferson.

Keylor Navas was present at the victory of the Sporting_CP against the <a href="https://twitter.com/SL_Benfica">SL_Benfica. #PuraVida pic.twitter.com/okELEirdM0</a>

Injured, Fejsa ceded place to Pizzi â€" Serbian only lasted 20 minutes. Jimenez stole a ball to Naldo, the finish line, and thanks "are" the Patrician "Lions".

At 78 minutes, finally, Rui Win bet on the attack. Left Gh, entered the Greek Mitroglou. Jesus changed Adrien by Italian Aquilani, another "30" (31).

Before the "90", Jesus put one of the "kids", Samual Martins (20 years), but it was that nearly doubled the advantage Luisão "Leo". The captain of Benfica late and hardly worth the speed of Julius Caesar (36 years) to avoid the "poker" of Sporting. Jesus came back to defeat the "your" Benfica, the "Lions" totaled 3 points, left the Eagles to 8 (with one less game) and later went on to be isolated at the top of the standings.

We're already as we want. Keep up with us so that we get to the end in 1, Lions! #DiaDeSporting #TuVaisVencer pic.twitter.com/qE49dpUPcx

-In 2269 League games, Benfica goes to add 300 defeats (home, 235 65) â€" the heaviest, the famous 7-1 in Alvalade;

-Almost 5 years since I played so many Portuguese (10) in a Derby â€" since the first season of Jesus (2009/10) that Benfica had no 4 in the "11";

-Since 1959/60, that Benfica suffered 3 first-half goals at home. For 56 years, trailed 1-3 with the Lusitano de Évora, but turned around and won 5-3;

-The 9° game, first victory of Jesus in the light, as a visitor. Before, lost by Amora (1), Felgueiras (1), Estrela da Amadora (2), Setúbal (1), Belenenses (2) and the last by Braga (1) in a game (1-0) with a bad goal validity and in that said beat Benfica;

Benfica never lost at home in the Portuguese League, there are 55 games. The last defeat, was Jesus the coach, was in front of FC Porto (2011/12) and also suffered 3 goals (2-3);

Final Whistle. || Final Whistle. SL Benfica 3-0 Sporting. #EPluribusUnum #SejaOndeFor pic.twitter.com/DobwIAOFGR

Referee: Carlos Xistra (Castelo Branco).

Benfica: Julio Cesar; Silvio, Luisao, Jardel and Elisha (Fejsa,, Pizzi, 67 '); Gonçalo Guedes (Mitroglou, 78 '), Samaris, André Almeida and Gaitán (); Jonas (A) and Raul Jimenéz.

Coach: Rui Victory.

Sporting: Rui Patricio; João Pereira, Paulo Oliveira, Naldo and Jefferson; João Mário, William (A), Adrien (, Aquilani, 78 '), Bryan Ruiz (A); Teo Gutierrez and Slimani (A, Gelson, 86 ')).

Coach: Jorge Jesus.

Golos: Teo Gutierrez (9'), Saunders (21') e Bryan Ruiz (36').

Soon after the Derby of light, was the kick-off of the visit of Sporting Braga to the Dragon. Without the suspended Maxi Pereira (yellow 5 to 7. the journey), Lopetegui promoted the return of Cissokho and swerved to the right Layún. Reuben Neves stood on the bench and Tello also appeared in the "11".

Paulo Fonseca switched sides, face to victory over Marseille in the Europa League, and bet on Stojiljkovic, in place of Hassan, absent due to the death of his father. The quarter of an hour, Djavan left injured and Ganesan returned to the left side.

Dragons bumped into the wall of Braga. All about the #FCPorto-SCBragaOficial (0-0) in <a href="https://t.co/iKZhDplcMf">https://t.co/iKZhDplcMf</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/FCPSCB?src=hash">#FCPSCB</a> <a href="https://t.co/AlQIrMTcT7">pic.twitter.com/AlQIrMTcT7</a><p>â€" FC Porto (FCPorto) October 25, 2015

FC Porto dominated, but felt a lot of difficulties in the face of slowing tax by visitors. After a few shots without direction, to 40 minutes Tello insulated, but the Russian sau Kritciuk well and defended. The interval came the "zeroes."

In the second part, desinspirado Brahimi, injured, ceded the seat to Corona. Soon after, he left and joined Imbula Bueno. The dragons were looking for move in the game. The "warriors" resisted. Reuben Neves entered the final quarter hour and FC Porto pressed.

Mauro and FC Porto: "we had a good game. This result is for our supporters. "

#EstamosJuntos pic.twitter.com/koHEg8UlBG

Near the "90", the Russian goalkeeper of Braga was in focus, held the "null" as Barnes become, this year, the first visitor, where Dragon unbeatable lost, for example, Bayern Munich, Guardiola (3-1), and Chelsea, Mourinho (2-1). The draw of the "dragons" allows the Sporting isolation at the top of the League.

Referee: Artur Soares Dias (Porto).

Fc Porto: Casillas; Layún, Marcano, Martins Indi and Cissokho (, r. Neves, 76 '); Danilo; Tello, Imbula (Bueno, 62 '), André André and Brahimi (Corona, 58 '); Aboubakar.

Coach: Julen Lopetegui.

Braga: Kritsyuk (A); Bahia, Ricardo Ferreira, and Boly and Djavan (Ganesan, 17 '); Alan (Wilson, 83 '), Vukcevic (, Luiz Carlos, 67 '), Mauro and Rafa Silva; Stojiljkovic and Rui Fonte.

Coach: Paulo Fonseca.

After Sporting, Paços de Ferreira was the team that most benefited with this 8. the journey. The "Beavers" traveled to Funchal, won (0-2) and equaled the 14 points of Sporting Braga. Islanders have just caught by rivals of the Hut, which opened the round draw (0-0) at home to Boavista.

6 goals: Slimani (Sporting);

5 goals: Andrew light and Suk (v. Setúbal);

4 goals: Bonatini (Estoril), Corona and Aboubakar (FC Porto), and Cathie Shah (Seaman).

On Sunday, the Setubal was the Moreira de Cónegos score (0-2) the third victory and jumped 3 positions for the 6., with one more point that Benfica, 8, with a game in hand (visit to the Union of Wood, 7. the journey).

The Tondela was the Arouca one more point in conquering 5 .° draw of this round, and remains above the water line. Lito Vidigal's team, on the other hand, consented to the fourth consecutive draw and is a point of Benfica.

In the closing game of the round, the armada lusitana of Ricardo Sá Pinto was "Greek" to win at home the Union of wood. At the end of a game of chance allocated, to 89 minutes, James scored on a rebound and Caeiro gave the "European" Belenenses the 3 points, which allowed him to ascend to 10 .° place. It was the only victory of a host in this round.

Nacional 0-0 Boavista, â€"

Seaman â€" p. Ferreira 0-2

Estoril â€" Rio Ave, 2-2

V. Guimarães â€" 1-1,

Arouca â€" Tondela, 1-1

Moreirense â€" v. Setubal, 0-2

Benfica 0-3 Sporting Clube de Portugal â€"

FC Porto â€" Braga, 0-0

Belenenses - one. Madeira, 1-0

Tondela â€" Benfica (Oct 30)

Braga â€" Belenenses (31/out)

UN. Wood â€" FC Porto

Sporting â€" Estoril

Academica â€" Moreirense (nov 01)

V. Setubal â€" Arouca

Rio Ave â€" National

Boavista â€" National

Boavista â€" Seaman

P. Ferreira â€" v. Guimarães (nov 02)

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