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Radar: the stories that didn't make headlines

A restaurant in Israel offers discounts of 50 percent to Jews and Muslims who come and eat together at the table. An attempt to ease tensions between the two communities, after weeks of violent clashes and tensions which resulted in dozens of deaths. The Hummus Cafe says he just does what he can for reconciliation in the country.

In a post on the official page of your restaurant on Facebook, the owner of the Hummus Cafe _ question: "are you afraid of Arabs? Afraid of Jews? Here we don't even have a, or other. We're all people. "

"And we have, moreover, Arab Israeli falafel with hummus, and repeat, is dinner, Jewish, Christian or Muslim."

And the truth is that the initiative has been working. The customers just keep coming and the humus of the restaurant is really delicious.

×Â"כירו את ×Â"ח×Â'ר‘×Â" ×Â"נחמ×Â"ים שאכלו ×Â'חומוסי×Â" שלנו ו×Â"ז×Â"מן לנו לצלם: ×Â'תמונ×Â" ×Â"ראשונ×Â" ז‘אנו מקי×Â'וץ ×Â'רעם וטוני מ×Â"ישו×Â' ×Â'‘יש â€" עו×Â'×Â"י…

A fictional attack was launched on a beach of the coast of Portugal during an exercise of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, the modern military vehicles of the army of the United States, the most powerful on the planet, they were buried in fine sand of the beach of the Pinheiro da Cruz.

The Marines used the knowledge of the Portuguese special forces, Marines, who do not have doubted in lend a helping hand to the companions, saving them an authentic full humiliation of NATO.

The lesson could be that, though small, Portugal is a country with 900 years of history, and has always been very, very difficult to conquer, even if, as is the case, the most powerful army in the world!

Official video:

Amateur video:

The Ballerina Project is a creation of Dane Shitage, a photographer living in New York. A Hungarian design very innovative, where can be seen elegant silhouettes of dancers in classical buildings and Gothic landscapes of the capital Budapest. We are also surprised by unexpected situations in this artistic context type, as is the case of dancers that appear in subway cars or football stadiums.

Hungarian art, TáncmÅ _ MAIN school, 2015 Margitsziget, Budapest follow us on instagram: ...

In France, more and more children enter hospitals for having ingested cannabis, most aged less than two years.

A research centre specializing in drug addiction problems recorded 140 cases of Pediatric poisoning between 2010 and 2014. However, if we take into account only the last year, there were 59 cases.

The increase corresponds, according to the medical program of information systems (PMSI), the 60%. No child died, but among the 140 cases of themselves between 2010 and 2014, 9 posed life-threatening to the victims.

Investigations show that this kind of accidents happen when children are at home from their parents or close relatives. The increase in cases such as these have been also in countries such as Spain, Morocco, Israel, Italy and United States.

Erotic welcome at the airport of Portela-Sacavém, Lisbon

Passengers waiting for bags at Portela on Sunday received an unexpected welcome message, which hardly forget. After the arrival of the last flights (from Funchal, Madeira Islands), around 3:00 in the morning, the monitor of the baggage distribution 5 carpet showed some of the more torrid scenes of a soft porn film, precisely when a child was playing around.

Arrival ' spicy ' at Lisbon Airport http://t.co/U7DUS45ZCn

A curious moment, made known abroad by British daily The Mirror and Daily Star.

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