domingo, 11 de outubro de 2015

UN approves war on the smugglers of illegal migrants

It's called "operation Sophia": the joint European Union naval force will be able to continue to save migrants in Mediterranean Sea and can now also destroy boats used by drug dealers.

The resolution, which was submitted by the United Kingdom, was adopted with 14 votes in favor in the United Nations Security Council. Only Venezuela abstained. The main objective is to fight against trafficking in human beings, as specified in the United Nations, British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft: "these groups have no respect for human life. Explore who makes this perilous voyage through the Mediterranean. Fill poorly maintained boats and without conditions for this trip. After leaving passengers at the first sign of trouble ".

This operation focuses on the route between Libya and Europe. The Libya was originally against but eventually accept the terms.

According to the resolution, the migrants found in the vessels are going to be taken to Italy, where they will be identified and any requests for asylum. The document also provides for the arrest and trial of the dowels.

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