sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2015

USA: Paul Ryan succeeds John Boehner ahead of the House of representatives

Republican Paul Ryan is the new President of the Chamber of representatives of the us Congress.

Paul Ryan replaces John Boehner in charge which is the third most important of American policy.

To take an oath, Paul Ryan spoke of the challenges ahead.

"Let's face it, this House is divided. We're not solve problems, but to complicate things. And I'm not interested in assigning blame. We are not interested in vigilantism, want a clean start, "said the new speaker of the House of representatives.

Ryan earned 236 votes out of a total of 247 members of the Republican party that has the majority of seats.

The previous holder of the post, John Boehner, made an emotional farewell speech in which he reaffirmed that the real changes take time and require patience.

One of the first challenges that Paul Ryan faces is to ensure the continuation of the functioning of the Administration after December 11, when the funding from various government agencies come to an end.

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