terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2015

Argentina: Macri Announces Cabinet to assess economic mistakes of the Kirchner Presidency

Mauricio Macri won on Sunday the second round of the presidential and succeeds Cristina Kirchner as President of Argentina. The center-right candidate ended 12 years of leadership left, by Kirchner, Nestor since 2003 and his wife Cristina from 2007.

After finishing second in the first round (34.15 per 100 against 37.08), on Monday the leader of the Coalition Cambiemos scored for 100 of 51.40 votes against Daniel Sciolli, 48.60 Patrido Justicialista, backed by the outgoing President.

Scheduled to take office on December 10, Macri wants to cut with the past and promises to correct the alleged mistakes inherited. The economy is the top priority.

For starters, the new Argentine President announced the creation of a special Office multiministerial to evaluate, in fact, what is the economic situation of Argentina. "I'm going to create as soon as possible an economic Office. I'm not going to appoint a Minister of economy. There's going to be, Yes, a Finance Minister and finance. Afterwards, will be 6 the Ministers who will integrate this economic cabinet to quickly come to take contact and know the situation (of Argentina), "said Macri.

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