terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2015

Keeps high alert in Brussels until Monday

The National Security Council of Belgium decided to keep high alert in Brussels, namely 4 level and 3-level in the rest of the territory, until Monday. Schools and the subway are back to work on Wednesday, the exceptional security measures keep. This information was advanced at the end of the afternoon, early evening, at a press conference, by the Belgian Prime Minister:

"We want to do everything to recover gradually, a life as normal as much as possible, given the level of vigilance that is required. This means that it was decided that schools will be reopened on Wednesday, and that additional security measures will be taken around the schools, and the subway will be reopened as well on Wednesday, "explained Charles Michel.

Schools are closed since Monday. The subway closed doors on Saturday. The country is in a State of emergency, to the population the situation justifies exceptional measures, feels more secure:

"I feel a little tension, yes tense, but on the other hand I feel safe. There are cops and sufficient military out there, it's all right, "says one man.

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