terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015

Bodies of the victims of the crash of Russian plane arrived in Saint Petersburg

Bodies of the victims of the accident with a Russian charter plane in Egypt, have already begun to arrive in Saint Petersburg.

A plane carrying the bodies of 144 of the 224 victims landed this morning in Russian Pulkovo airport.

The authorities consider that are not in a position to announce the causes of the accident. The terrorist attack continues to be one of the hypotheses.

"The crash site covers a very large territory, more than 20 square kilometers. The area where the fragments of the plane are scattered is shaped like an elongated ellipse with about of 8 km long and about 4 km wide. Everything indicates that the plane broke apart in the air, to a high altitude, "said the Director General of the Russian Aviation Agency, Alexander Neradko.

On Sunday, many people took to the street in St. Petersburg, and gathered at the Palace square to pay tribute to the victims of the accident.

Several airlines, including Air France, Lufthansa and Emirates, have announced that, until further notice, will not fly over the Sinai Peninsula.

Recall that the Airbus A321 of Russian company tried with its Metrojet fell Saturday on the Sinai Peninsula, and had left Charm el-Cheikh, in Egypt, in the direction of Saint Petersburg.

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