segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2015

Continues to increase the number of refugees who died in the Aegean Sea

Similar situation on Samos where a dozen bodies, six children and babies, were taken from the sea. There are 15 survivors and at least 10 missing.

#BREAKING Eleven migrants, including six children, drown off Greece: coastguards

In Agathonisi and according to the Agence France Press, a boat of FRONTEX removed two bodies from the waters of the Aegean Sea and three survivors. 15 would be the occupants of the small boat that sunk in Turkish waters. Continue the search to find the missing.

More than 60 people, half of them children, have died in the past four days to try to reach various Greek Islands near the Turkish coast.

The previous (bad) image through the binoculars #refugeesgr

To escape the civil war in Syria, and other conflicts, refugees continue to make this crossing, many times and each time more mortal, whereas the approach of winter.

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