domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

Colorado: Police reveals name of forward family planning center

Unaware of the reasons for the attack on a family planning clinic in Colorado Springs, in the Western United States. After 5 hours, police arrested the attacker.

Police sources identified him as Robert Lewis Dear, 57 years old, originally from North Carolina.

The shooting made three dead. Nine people were hospitalized, but not life-threatening.

Ozzy Licano, survivor, says: "I tried to get out of my car and run away, and then I said" no ". I got back into the car, put the reverse, started to retreat and he was in front of me, to target me with the gun. I accelerated and he started shooting. I was faced with it ".

Among the dead is the agent Garrett Swasey, 44 years old, Was safety of the campus of the University of Colorado Springs and was to assist municipal forces.

The family planning centres are a national non-profit organization, but receive federal funds. Provide gynecological examinations, contracetivos and interruptions of pregnancy. Are regular targets of attacks by anti-abortion militants.

Since 1977, the clinics have declared 7 1000 incidents. Eight officials were killed.

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