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"Fontana di Trevi": a source of inspiration for lovers of Rome

The "fontana di Trevi", the most celebrated of Rome reopens Tuesday after more than two and a half years of restoration work.

A "virginal" water source

Built in the year 19 ad, during the Roman era, the source pointed out the end of the aqueduct baptized "Aqua Virgo". A tribute to the legend according to which, a young man would have saved a group of Roman soldiers from Headquarters, to lead them to this source, located today in the historic centre of Rome.

A Galileo away from project

Nicola Salvi was the architect chosen by Pope Clement XII in 1730, to rebuild the facility, with the imposing aspect that attracts today thousands of tourists every day. Salvi, a native of Rome, would have snatched up the project the first winner of the "tender", Alessandro Gallilei, a relative of the famous Galileo, away from work, by being born in Florence. The work was only inaugurated in 1743, 11 years after the death of Salvi, who never got to see the final aspect of the monument.

The lottery Jackpot and "d'Artagnan

The fountain was built in the 18TH century was paid for with money raised by the Catholic Church after the reintroduction of the lottery game in Rome. Nowadays, the coins thrown by curious or passionate (three coins for a good marriage, according to tradition) total every day about of 3000 euros. Income collected every day and delivered to the religious association Caritas. About of 36 thousand euros per year to make the coin theft a crime punished by the law. A video surveillance camera installed in recent years allowed to stop at least three thieves, among which, "D'artagnan", in 2002, after more than 34 years of activity without being arrested by the police.

A reconstruction of two million

To the applause of tourists, back water in #FontanadiTrevi https://t.co/eGLUBrDXRC pic.twitter.com/8FTf4lPICJ

The works completed today began in the spring of 2013, nearly a year after the fall of some panels have led to protests against the City Council. The economic crisis led the Government to postpone the restoration until a well-known brand of luxury linen agreed to pay the invoice, budgeted at two million.

The return to the "Dolce Vita"

The source is also a place of reference for film buffs from all over the world, after becoming the third character ", on the famous night scene of" cult "between Marcello Mastroianni and Anika Ekberg in" La Dolce Vita "by Fellini.

Interestingly, the tradition to throw three coins in the fountain was started by Frank Sinatra, in the 1954 film "the wishing well" ("Three coins in the Fountain"), which also gave its name to the famous song performed also by Sinatra.

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