quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015

Terrorism or breakdown: researchers analyze Airbus black boxes Russian

The investigation into the crash of a Russian passenger plane on Saturday, continues Tuesday with the analysis of the black boxes of the appliance.

A process carried out by a team of Egyptian investigators, French, Germans and Russians, which can drag for several months when the terrorist track is not yet totally discarded.

The American press says this morning that the country would have satellites detected a Flash in the Northern Sinai, before the crash.

The company tried with its Metrojet, which rejected yesterday the possibility of human error or a technical fault, had raised the possibility of a mechanical impact with an object outside.

The Islamic State group had claimed an attack against the unit, in a statement, relativized so far by Cairo.

However a second plane with the bodies of the victims landed this morning in St. Petersburg, when the Russian authorities are trying to identify a first group of 140 bodies.

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