sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

France: selling flags triples after the attacks of Paris

The Parisians put since the night this Thursday at Windows and flags in the facades of stores responding to the appeal of President François Holande that urged citizens to express their patriotism.

With regard to the manufacture of the subject, the work continues to increase and sales as well: "we've orders all the time, the phone rings every minute and we must respond to customers and to deliver on time. Customers are welcome we must be multi-skilled. It's a bit tiring, produce all night and slept 1 hour. "

The tricolor flag had more than 2000 orders after the attacks at prices between 12 and 22 euros, but the price doesn't scare.

"I came to buy a flag out of solidarity and because it is fashionable, unfortunately with the terrorism that we must close ranks and affirm the nationality, but felt proud.

"I'm going to put a flag on my house and I think we should plant flags everywhere. It is important to feel French "

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