quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

German authorities remain silent on terrorist threat at the stadium

The particular football game between Germany and the Netherlands, in Hanover, was canceled less than two hours from the start, due to what police called "a real threat".

The stadium was evacuated and were not given further explanations, but suspected something serious, just three days after the attacks in Paris, in one of the stages was the Stade de France, where the France-Germany. On the night of the attacks, the German national and the entire delegation spent the night in the locker room of the stadium.

The Germany had decided to keep this game as a show of solidarity.

The Belgium-Spain, also scheduled for this Tuesday, was also postponed.

Do you know how depressing this is?? #SpainvsBelgium #GermanyvsNetherlands #stoptheviolence #iwantfootball pic.twitter.com/RiZBozVEcA

The German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière, kept the "suspense" about the reasons for the cancellation: "there were good reasons to cancel the game. I understand your curiosity, but we cannot give more details ".

Were however contradicted information that had been given by the media. One of them, given by Deutsche Welle and cited by other bodies such as the Diário de Notícias, in the online edition, quoted the Chief of police in Hanover, which would have confirmed the existence of a bomb in the stadium.

BREAKING: Hanover chief of police: "There was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium." #GERNED

The DW would later recant:

No explosives found or arrests made on 'sad day for German football' in Hannover: https://t.co/nSR5k1ry6s #GERNED pic.twitter.com/fquS77Ajok

Other information, that spoke of an ambulance loaded with explosives found near the stadium, also has not been confirmed. There were operations elsewhere in the city. A room of spectacles was searched before the concert, but also did not find anything suspicious.

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